Surfing’s New Image Aipa Sting & More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to another installment of the Shred Sledz Weekend Grab Bag, where I highlight a few boards that are all listed for sale as of publishing time. We’ve got some sweet sleds for today’s post, so keep scrolling if you wanna check ’em out.

6’6″ Surfing’s New Image Aipa Sting (Craigslist Monterey)

The first vintage boards I ever bought were a pair of Surfing’s New Image Aipa stings. I actually bought the boards without realizing that the boards were shaped by someone other than Aipa, but this in turn enabled me to learn more about Rick Hamon and Mike Slingerland, the two talented shapers who produced most of these boards. This one is in super clean condition and it’s only $800, which seems like a great price to me.

6’1″ Surfboards Hawaii Mike Slingerland Thruster (Craigslist San Diego)

There’s another rad Mike Slingerland board on Craigslist, which you can see pictured above. It’s an 80s thruster shaped under the Surfboards Hawaii label, and it measures in at 6’1″. The board has a gorgeous airbrush, which is always worth a couple of extra points. Seller is asking $400.

80s Donald Takayama David Nuuhiwa Noserider Mini Longboard (OfferUp San Diego)

I’m really intrigued by this board, and sadly, I don’t known a ton about it. It seems that during the 80s or so Donald Takayama produced a David Nuuhiwa Noserider model. I’ve seen a lot of these boards that are below 9′ in length, which I find super interesting. No exact dims are listed on the ad; it’s just described as somewhere between 8’6″ and 9’0″. Asking price is $850.

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