2022: A Shred Sledz Retrospective

Greetings, Shredderz! As we wrap up the year, it’s time to look back on my favorite posts from 2022.

First and foremost, I am still so proud of the first ever Shred Sledz original film, “Here Now: Past & Present”. I get it, I’m biased, but I can’t tell you how stoked I am to have been part of something that expresses just how special and meaningful surfing is, and helps tell the stories of people who influence how I see and experience this sport. Darshan and Kyle did an absolutely tremendous job with the film and I hope it’s something people return to in order to better understand Marc Andreini’s shapes and their history. For more on the boards featured in the film, check out this blog post, too.

I also launched two collaborations in 2022. My goal is to grow Shred Sledz into something that is self-sustaining and profitable. In other words, I want to create stuff that’s so good, people are willing to pay for it. For the record, I don’t see Shred Sledz ever charging for content, but I’m really proud of the two collaborations launched earlier this year. First is the Thrilla Krew x Shred Sledz “Mowing Foam” tee, which you can purchase here.

Second is a limited collection of Bryce Fins. The Super Twang template has sold out but there are still a few more available on the store.

As for some favorite blog posts, I happened to write up a bunch of cool Takayama boards this year: a yellow 9’3″ 2+1 longboard; an absolutely pristine Joel Tudor Model; a cool board made for an Oxbow tour in the 90s; a Dale Dobson diamond tail; and an insane balsa shape.

To be honest, I didn’t take as many photos of cool boards as I would have liked. It’s time consuming to take the pics and edit them all, and I’m also not a great photographer. That said I really enjoyed getting to see some killer Jack Meyer airbrush boards and document them. Here’s a Shawn Stussy-shaped Russell Surfboards single fin featuring more photos from yours truly.

Some of the best stuff I write up is sent to me by people who read the blog or follow along on Instagram. I always love speaking to folks about boards that are special to them. Check out this rad quiver of Jet Surfboards, and the man known as Wizard Soup has a truly jaw-dropping collection that’s worth checking out.

I’m partial to this breakdown of Joel Tudor THC Surfboards shaped by Rick Hamon, as it took a fair amount of internet sleuthing. Of course I love the history and context behind these shapes, but at the end of the day, good surfing is what moves the needle, and I’ll always love watching Tudor surf.

Thanks everyone for reading and for the support over the years. I am always honored that anyone would take so much as a moment to read what I write.

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