Dane Gudauskas’ 70s Dick Brewer + More: Shredder Submissions

Greetings, Shredderz! We’ve got one last installment of Shredder Submissions for your perusing pleasure. Keep scrolling for some rad boards that folks have been kind enough to send my way.

Dane Gudauskas’ 70s Dick Brewer Single Fin

I recently wrote up a sick 7’1″ Dick Brewer 70s single fin that I spotted on Craigslist. I was pleasantly surprised when Dane Gudauskas reached out, letting me know he had purchased the board. After scooping the stick, he was doing some research when he came across my blog post. Needless to say I was thrilled to receive the pic you see above. Can’t wait to see some footage of Dane surfing this board, hopefully in some Hawaiian juice, as I imagine the late, great Brewer would have preferred.

Surfboards Hawaii Mike Slingerland Hydro Bottom Single Fin

I really dig seeing examples of Mike Slingerland’s Surfboards Hawaii Hydro bottom boards. Don’t know the dims on this one but it looks like it’d be a blast to ride, plus the board looks beautiful, too. Thanks Nico for sharing the photos you see here.

G&S Single Fin + Herbie Fletcher Sting

Thanks Conor for sending this sweet duo through. On the left you can see a beautiful 70s G&S swallow tail single fin, and on the right is a Herbie Fletcher sting that went to Joe Roper’s to get it seaworthy again.

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