Dave Parmenter + Mike Croteau Guns

Greetings, Shredderz! Do you like to surf big ass waves, and do you have an appreciation for equipment made by highly regarded California shapers? If you check both of those boxes, go no further, as there are two cool boards for sale that you might want to check out.

It appears as though the same seller has posted both of the boards featured here in this post. The first is an 8’6″ Mike Croteau (also frequently referred to as Mike Zeh-Croteau) single fin. You can find the original listing here. Croteau might not be as well known as some of his contemporaries, but the dude’s career is straight up fascinating. Read his obituary in the Santa Cruz Sentinel for some more insight into Croteau’s contributions to shaping and his larger than life personality. I also wrote up two insanely clean Croteau single fins, which honestly I still wish I had bought, even though I definitely don’t need ’em.

Next up we have a 10’0″ Dave Parmenter Widow-maker. Check out the listing here. It’s got a pretty early Aleutian Juice logo, which is a nifty touch. No idea when this thing would have been shaped; maybe early 2000s or so? I’m truly just pulling a date out of my ass, so take that for what its worth. You gotta respect the fact this stick was made by a master craftsman for life-threatening conditions. I love how detailed his dimensions are on the stringer — you can tell this is a dude who doesn’t take his craft lightly. For another awesome big wave widow-maker, check out the one I posted below, which originally belonged to Mavericks charger Steve Dwyer.

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