5’6″ Pavel Quad Fish

Greetings, Shredderz! If your New Year’s resolution is to buy fewer surfboards, this is not the site for you, and today’s post might doom your plans right out the gate. (Technically speaking today’s board is only listed for trade, but everyone has a price.) There’s a rad Rich Pavel fish for sale on Craigslist near San Francisco. I’ve reproduced the pics below, and you can find the original post here.

First, I’m not 100% sure what model this is. I don’t think it’s a Speed Dialer AKA the Quan, which is one of Pavel’s most famous models. From what I can tell, the Speed Dialer, which is also a quad fin fish, has subtle double wings (more like bumps, really) in the tail. Check out Surfy Surfy’s archive of Speed Dialer pics for comparison.

Regardless of the actual model, it’s a sick board with some beautiful bells and whistles. There are pin lines on both the deck and the bottom of the board, and some beautiful resin tints throughout.

I’m not totally sure when the board was shaped. The FCS boxes make me want to say this is likely pre-2010, but that’s a very rough guess. If you know more, let me know.

Check out the original listing on Craigslist here for more pics. The current owner says he’s looking to trade, and I’m guessing you’ll have to pony up something neat to get your hands on this thing.

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