Beautiful Aipa Surfing’s New Image Sting

Greetings, Shredderz! I’d like to think I’m not usually prone to hyperbole, but the question must be asked: are these the classiest surfboard photos to ever appear on Craigslist? Whatever the answer, it’s a refreshing change of pace from the dingy, low-res, aggressively poorly lit pics I usually come across. Even better, it’s a beautiful board, too: an Aipa sting produced under license by Surfing’s New Image, based out of San Diego. Check out the original listing here.

According to the listing, the board is 6’10”. No other dimensions were given. The airbrush is phenomenal. I love the two-tone look, and the fade is simple but stunning. For the longest time I’ve wondered who did the airbrushes on these Surfing’s New Image boards. Roger Beal, a San Diego native who now shapes out of New England, recently commented on Instagram that he and a guy named Jeff Myers were two of the airbrushers at SNI.

The board was shaped by Mike Slingerland. You can tell because there’s a small “S” that appears to the right of the serial number on the board (see middle photo in the gallery above). The vast majority of the Surfing’s New Image Aipa stings were shaped by Mike Slingerland and Rick Hamon. I’ve also seen two Aipa SNI stings that were shaped by Donald Takayama — if you know of another, definitely let me know!

The seller is asking $695 for the board, which I think is pretty reasonable! Then again, I definitely have a soft spot for these Aipa stings. You can check out the listing here.

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