Jeff Ho Quad

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a somewhat unusual board from one of California’s all-time cult surfboard labels. I’ve written many times about my interest in Zephyr Surfboards and how Venice Beach in the 70s helped shaped modern skateboarding, and by extension, many other elements of modern street culture. Almost all of the Zephyr boards I have seen — and to be clear, I have only seen a couple, if even that, in person — have been 70s single fins. Thus it was extra cool to come across a Zephyr Jeff Ho quad fin, which I believe was likely shaped in the 80s.

I actually wrote up a Zephyr Jeff Ho single fin that looks like it’s from 1981, but as far as I can tell, this is the first Jeff Ho quad I’ve ever seen. According to the original listing, the board is 5’8″ and “thick”. Your guess is as good as mine. It’s got a rad airbrush on it, too.

It’s interesting to note the board doesn’t say Zephyr on it anywhere. It’s got the famous Zephyr logo airbrush, but other than that, it only reads “Jeff Ho Factory Team.”

The board’s new owner contacted me and was kind enough to send a bunch of photos of the board. He also described some of the details of the board’s design, which was super cool to hear.

The board’s new owner says there’s a deep channel running throughout the area denoted by the pink airbrush, and bordered by the yellow parts of the board. The channel itself has a pronounced vee, too.

Thanks to the anonymous collector who sent in these pics. It’s always cool to see more examples of Dogtown boards, especially those that are a little more unusual and unexpected.

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