Vintage Takayama, Ryan Lovelace V Bowls + More: Weekend Grab Bag

Greetings, Shredderz! Here in Northern California, I seem to be located in the sole part of the coast that is not enjoying an absolutely epic run of swell. It’s raining, it’s windy, and the water quality is dubious at best — what better to do than trawl Craigslist for some interesting finds. We’ve got a handful of quality sleds for your perusing pleasure, starting off with a reasonably priced Ryan Lovelace V Bowls, and Lance Carson pintail, and a few others. Keep reading for the full rundown.

7’8″ Ryan Lovelace V Bowls (Craigslist San Diego)

I’m surprised to see this board is still for sale. The seller is asking a cool grand for this gorgeous Ryan Lovelace V Bowls, which I think is on the low end, especially given the condition. As we all know, there’s always a long wait for Lovelace’s boards (I believe his books are closed for non-Hawaii orders until 2024). And if it’s a Lovelace, you know it was 100% hand shaped, which can’t be said for many other labels. Even if you aren’t into mid-lengths, you have to respect Lovelace’s commitment to hand shaping and the transparency around his products.

10’0″ Lance Carson Pintail (Craigslist Los Angeles)

Lance Carson Pintail

I don’t know enough about Lance Carson’s boards to comment at length on this one, but it definitely looks cool. It’s clearly been ridden and enjoyed over the years, but there is nothing wrong with that. The seller is asking $900. Check out the listing for more shots of the fin, which I don’t think is being produced any more (or at least I couldn’t find for sale anywhere online).

9’9″ Skip Frye Braden Model (Craigslist Orange County)

Skip Frye Braden

Is $2,500 reasonable for a Skip Frye longboard? Is it unreasonable that any used surfboard might cost $2,500, regardless of the pedigree? I don’t know that there’s a right answer, per se. (I do know that no one reads this blog for my opinions on economics). You don’t see too many Skip Frye Braden Models, and this one appears to be in solid condition.

Bonus Board

9′ Donald Takayama DT-2 for $450 — Craigslist San Diego

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