6’5″ Skip Frye Fish

Greetings, Shredderz! Today we’ve got a killer Skip Frye fish that was kindly sent to me by an anonymous collector. It measures 6’5″ and as you can see in the pics, the board was glassed at the legendary Moonlight Glassing.

Both Skip Frye and Moonlight Glassing are staples of San Diego’s vibrant board building scene. For whatever it’s worth, I personally haven’t seen a ton of Skips with Moonlight logos on them. That said, the Surfy Surfy blog has featured a bunch (which makes sense, given that JP St Pierre, Surfy’s self-described “CEO / Janitor”, is the son of Moonlight founder Peter St Pierre.)

This Skip Frye twin fin fish measures in at 6’5″. I’m not sure exactly when it would have been shaped. And speaking of Surfy Surfy, the board featured in this post actually appeared on Surfy Surfy years ago. Check out this post, which is scant on details, but has some beautiful photos.

Wish the photo above had included the full Moonlight Glassing frog laminate, which is one of my all time favorite logos. That said, it’s a gorgeous shot of what I’m assuming are Larry “Geppy” Gephart wooden keel fins.

Last but not least, how rad are the triple wings on this stick? This is the probably the loudest branding you’ll ever see on a Skip Frye surfboard, and I’m very much into it.

Thanks again to the person who sent over these pics so I could share them on the blog! And if you have a Skip that you think the world (or, more realistically, a handful of people who are way too into surfboards) should see, please do get in touch.

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