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Greetings, Shredderz! For those who might not be aware, the Shred Sledz Shop is open for business. My goal has been to provide goods inspired by surfing and the history of the sport, and to highlight craftspeople whose work I admire. And we also have some t-shirts that just make me laugh.

Last year saw the release of Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz, a limited collection of handmade foils available in an exclusive red color. Today I’m stoked to say that we’ve got a few more of Bryce’s fins for purchase in the Shred Sledz Shop.

First we have a restock of Bryce’s Super Twang template, which quickly sold out during the initial run. The Super Twang is 9″ and made from 100% clear Volan. It is intended for use in displacement hulls. Bryce has spent years going down the displacement hull rabbit hole, surfing Malibu and forging relationships with a tight knit group of Liddle devotees who have spent decades refining their approaches to the wave. The Super Twang is based off a template that Bryce and a friend were sent by none other than Esteban “Dirt” Bojorquez, another fixture in the world of hull obsessives.

The Bryce Fins Downing template is a new addition to the lineup. It’s 8.75″ and it’s crafted out of 100% Volan fiberglass with a beautiful white on white color. The Downing was developed by Bryce in tandem with shaper and friend Terry Topanga, who found a George Downing template fin in a 70s Gordon & Smith board. This fin is based off the original, but tweaked, and most importantly, updated with modern flex characteristics that help give the template its drive and responsiveness.

We have the Bryce Fins BD Template, available in 8.75″, in the same white on white color way as the Downing. Both the Downing and the BD are good all around fins. I personally surf the BD in a 70s single fin egg and I absolutely love it. The BD is Bryce’s go-to fin, and it’s recommended for use in just about anything other than a displacement hull.

Lastly, there are still some fins from the original Bryce Fins x Shred Sledz collaboration still in stock, available in an exclusive red color way. Pictured above is the PG Flex Spoon — there’s also a few remaining red 8.75″ BDs and then some 8.5″ KD models.

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