Surfing a Phil Edwards Honolulu Model + More: Social Media Roundup

Greetings, Shredderz! I suspect that many of you feel the same way I do about social media: it is an invaluable tool, a source of inspiration and at times even beauty…and it’s also the fastest way to kill brain cells that doesn’t involve huffing paint. Well, let’s focus on the good, I guess: here are some of my favorite IG moments from the past month or so, starting off with Matt Chojnacki riding a 1967 Phil Edwards Honolulu board.

Matt AKA @thewaxhead is one of my favorite follows on IG. He rips, he has a passion for the history of the sport and older boards, and sometimes, like in the clip above, he combines the two.

Yes, this is a great photo of Mark Richards, looking impossibly young, but really it’s about the caption, and by extension, Dick Brewer’s lasting influence on the craft of surfboard building.

Here’s a striking shot of some surf somewhere way up north. How’s that for a backdrop?

John Bilderback has been a recent favorite. He complements his top notch photography with some succinct, insightful captions on what it’s like to document surfing on the North Shore.

Last but not least here’s a 10’11” Rich Pavel glider with an absolutely insane stringer setup.

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