1968 Phil Edwards Honolulu #77

Greetings, Shredderz! I’ve long had a fascination with Phil Edwards’ boards from his stint in Hawaii, post Hobie signature model, and one of them just sold on eBay. You can find the listing here. I will always prefer original boards to restored ones, unless they are well and truly thrashed, and it’s cool to see an example of a Phil Edwards Honolulu that, while certainly not perfect, has survived the years mostly intact.

According to the seller, this board is 9’0″ and it was shaped in 1968. I have heard elsewhere that most of the Phil Edwards Honolulu boards were shaped during this year.

The board sold for $1,199, for local pickup only in Rhode Island. These boards don’t come up for sale too often so it’s hard to compare the price. You could always look at comps from recent auction sales, but I think the Rarick-restored boards that are sold at the California Gold auctions aren’t necessarily an apples to apples comparison.

I’d love to add a Phil Edwards Honolulu to the quiver someday (and ride it, though I’m certain I won’t do it justice), and in the meantime, it’s always cool to see examples of these beautiful boards.

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