Finders Keepers Ep 2: Local Motion

Greetings, Shredderz! If the Gudauskas brothers are involved you know it’s likely to be a family affair. The latest episode of Tanner G’s series, “Finders Keepers”, is no exception. If you missed the inaugural episode, which featured an MP board owned by legendary photog Tom Servais, make sure you check it out too. Episode 2 is centered around a primo 80s Local Motion thruster Tanner came across in Hawaii, but really, it’s a wonderful short film about family. Local Motion and the Gudauskas family goes way back: Tanner’s father Tom was a Local Motion sales rep for about twenty years, and the boys grew up alongside Local Motion figures like Rob Burns and Tony Moniz. There’s great surfing in the clip, and I really dig the board, but what makes this edit special is seeing someone explore their family history through the lens of surfing. Check out the edit in full below.

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