12′ of Brewer + More: Social Media Roundup

Greetings, Shredderz! It’s that time again — keep scrolling for some Instagram favorites, chosen over the past month or so.

Can we get a solid Victor Bernardo edit already? I’m just chomping at the bit for something in the ten minute range. In the meantime here’s a still photo of Bernardo, whose style is looking as solid as ever.

Paul Cohen AKA Photo Gordinho frequently posts some fantastic shots from a decades long career of capturing the comings and goings on Oahu’s North Shore. Here is Owl Chapman in the early 80s with an absolutely no nonsense 12′ Brewer gun. Here’s another shot, also by Gordinho, of Chapman actually riding the thing.

Ryan Lovelace hasn’t been shy about sharing his thoughts on hand shaping and pushing for more transparency around surfboard production. The vast majority of boards are made with the assistance of shaping machines, but they’re often marketed as bespoke creations. Love Machine, as the name suggests, is Lovelace’s new label, which leverages shaping machines to produce his tried and true templates. They are cheaper than his hand shapes and the wait list isn’t as long, either. More importantly, I admire Lovelace’s tireless efforts to shine more light on how surfboards are made. This example was glassed by Angelo AKA Flow and Soul, and all the art was done by hand using resin. Really, really cool stuff.

Jacksonville, Florida native Justin Quintal recently took out the 2023 Vans Duct Tape Invitational in Brazil. I love this shot from photographer Billy Watts — great surfing and stunning backdrops are always a welcome combo.

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