Kelly Approves + More: Social Media Roundup

Greetings, Shredderz! Here are some Instagram highlights from the month of June. We’ve got some ridiculous bodysurfing footage from Kelly’s wave pool, Torren Martyn’s silky stylings and more. Keep reading for the full rundown.

It’s curious that five plus years after its debut, Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch is still an ivory tower. Access to the Surf Ranch requires some combination of wealth and social capital that is unfathomable to most of us. You’d think by now there’d be more Surf Ranches popping up around the world, but if you’re a civilian, unless you’ve got a trip to Abu Dhabi on the books, you’re probably going to have to wait to surf the wave. In the meantime, here’s maestro Mike Stewart putting a fresh spin on the mechanical marvel that is Kelly’s wave.

There are few things in surfing more pleasing to the eye than Torren Martyn drawing long, unhurried lines on big open faces. Even the GOAT approves.

I have featured Lost x Found countless times here on Shred Sledz, and that trend isn’t likely to end any time soon. Here’s Michael Tomson, cousin of Shaun and founder of Gotcha, charging serious Pipe. Gotcha ads referred to Pipeline as “the company’s first address”, which is one of the coolest marketing taglines imaginable. Yeah, it’s great copy, but what makes it so good is the fact that MT walked the walk (and God knows he could talk, too). Here is Tomson letting his surfing speak for him, captured by Dan Merkel. Check out Lost x Found here — they’ve got tons of prints, shirts and books for sale.

Pacific Longboarder Magazine has a great Instagram, and the above snap is just one of countless examples. Give ’em a follow if you don’t already!

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