Rick, Skip + Diff: Weekend Grab Bag

Greetings, Shredderz! For this blog post I’m experimenting with a slightly different format. Most Weekend Grab Bag entries have included decent pics of all the boards that are for sale. Unfortunately, applying a photography standard for Craigslist posts has a way of severely limiting supply, so we’re going largely text based today. This post doesn’t have much in the way of eye candy, but there are some rad sticks currently for sale, so let’s dive in.

1967 Channin-Diffenderfer Type E (eBay)

If it’s a Diffenderfer, I’m automatically interested. I don’t see a ton of Diff boards listed for sale, although the most recent California Gold auction had two: a 9’10” single fin Waimea gun that went for a whopping $10K, literally double the high end of the provided price range; and a 12′ balsa single fin gun that reached $7,500.

This particular Type E has a square tail. All the other Channin Diffenderfer Type E boards I’ve seen have a pintail. There are some excellent pics of a Type E up on 1st Dibs for comparison. Note that the eBay board is dated to 1967, and the pintail Type E on 1st Dibs is dated to 1968. I’m guessing at some point the Type E moved from a classic square tail to a pintail design, per the design changes happening during the Transition Era.

Very curious to see what the final price is. The Buy It Now is $6,000, which seems ambitious. As of publishing time bids are up to $1,525, which is below the reserve.

7’4″ G&S Skip Frye Egg (OfferUp)

Once again I am going to politely abstain from the Skip Frye pricing conversation. If you want to see pics of an older egg in nice condition, check out the link above.

60s Rick Longboard (Craigslist LA)

Thanks to KC for passing along both the Skip egg and the Rick longboard. It’s 10’6″ and in pretty good shape for a 60s log. The price is just a tad high for me, not to mention the fact I don’t live near LA, but it’s an unusually clean example from a great label.

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