Mid Week Grab Bag: Takayama + More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to a Wednesday edition of the Weekend Grab Bag, featuring a selection of sleds that are all for sale as of publishing time. We’ve got a Donald Takayama longboard and some other goodies — keep scrolling for more.

9’4″ Donald Takayama Speed Shape AKA DT-1 (Craigslist Orange County)

Disclaimer: I am terrible at eyeballing outlines based off computer pics, and so I could have this completely wrong. That said the Takayama stick pictured above appears to be a Speed Shape, now called the DT-1. Check out the Takayama website for comparison. This one is super clean, signed by Donald (note: I have also heard that he had his ghost shapers sign these boards, so I personally interpret a signed Takayama just to mean that it was produced while he was still alive, versus an indication that he hand shaped the board from start to finish), and the seller is asking $1500. Not a bad combo!

5’4″ Ryan Lovelace Sidecut Fish (Craigslist Long Island)

This Lovelace Sidecut Fish isn’t in perfect shape. If you look closely you’ll notice that one of the finboxes were repaired. That said the seller is asking $515, and I just really loved the pic of the board sitting on a weathered wooden dock. Let this be a lesson that sometimes vibes are priority numero uno.

10’4″ 60s Harbour Longboard (Craigslist SLO)

Last but not least, it always feels good to close out the Grab Bag with a classic 60s log. This thing is super clean and I love the teal competition stripe (not sure if that’s the precise term, but you get my drift). Unclear what the seller is asking, as it’s listed for $1, but check out the listing for more pics.

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