Transition Era Skip Frye

Greetings, Shredderz! Following yesterday’s post about two Transition Era Skip Frye boards — the Fast Frye and the Small Frye — here’s an example of a G&S Skip model that was recently listed for sale.

I think this might be an example of the aforementioned G&S Fast Frye model, which I’m not too familiar with. The board was listed for sale on Craigslist in Hawaii but it has since been taken down. The only dimension provided was 7’6″. According to the brochure I posted yesterday, the width for this board would be 22″ and the thickness is either 3″ or 3 1/4″.

I’d be curious to learn more about how the Fast Frye ended up influencing Skip’s famous eggs, but until then I’ll just have to speculate, based off the pictures you see here.

As you’d expect from a Transition Era shape, the G&S Fast Frye comes equipped with a W.A.V.E. Set fin. This one looks to be in pretty spectacular shape — I’ve heard stories that they’re quite delicate and prone to breaking. Not sure if this is the original fin that came with the board or a replacement. This is not an example of Skip’s signature W.A.V.E. Set fin, the New-E-Free; for an old New-E-Free ad check out this earlier post.

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