Bunker, Tomson + More: Social Media Roundup

Greetings, Shredderz! See below for a selection of some Instagram highlights from the past month.


Someone once suggested that Shaun and Michael Tomson’s rise in the 70s would make for a spectacular movie. Yes, there’s Bustin’ Down the Door, but I mean a big screen dramatization focusing strictly on the two South African cousins who both found immense success in surfing. I found myself touched by Shaun’s eloquent tribute to his late cousin, and the contrast between the two: Shaun, calm and eloquent; and MT, whose fire and creativity could not be contained.

No discussion of surfing’s larger than life characters is complete without mention of Bunker Spreckles. Spreckles was wild and photogenic, and we’re all fortunate that Art Brewer was there to capture it all. I love that Spreckles had a diverse quiver of shapes, and here he is on a 5’7″ Steve Lis fish, almost 50 years ago.

If you’re around, there’s a showing of “Bunker77”, directed by Takuji Masuda, tonight at SHACC.

Loved this beautiful shot of a rad lineup of Deepest Reaches boards, as captured by talented photographer Shawn Parkin.

MP vs MR, 1977 Stubbies.

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful lineup shot. This one is by Don Balch.

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