John John Sees RED

Greetings, Shredderz! It might be too late to convince many of you that Shred Sledz is not a John John Florence fan blog. In my defense, Florence’s films are consistently better than just about anything else in the world of surf media.

With “RED 10 YEARS PROJECT”, we finally have some insight as to why that’s the case. Florence and his talented team of cinematographers have spent the past decade partnering closely with the folks at RED — founded by Jim Jannard, who also founded Oakley — and the proof is in the many stunning edits released over this time.

It’s cool to get a behind the scenes look into how Florence’s edit are made. There are some classic moments from earlier projects in there as well, including “A View from a Blue Moon”, which I believe is the best surf film of the 2010s. Check out “RED 10 YEARS PROJECT” in full below.

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