Greetings, Shredderz! It’s time for more boards sent my way by wonderful folks like you. Shout out to anyone and everyone who takes the time to send along photos — it is always appreciated, even if I rarely respond promptly. We’ve got some killer boards for your browsing pleasure, all found below in this latest installment of Shredder Submissions.

Here’s an absolute beaut: 1970s Dick Brewer sting. Brewer partnered with an incredible array of surfers and shapers, and as a result, his laminate can be found on many boards that were actually made by someone else. (No shame in this, though, considering all the talented builders that Brewer mentored over his career). This board is signed “RB” near the tail, so I feel pretty confident it was made by the man himself. Thanks, Grant, for sharing!

Here’s a Byrning Spears thruster shaped by a gentleman named Tom Clarke, who signed this board “TC”. I can’t find anything about Tom Clarke anywhere online, but apparently he worked under Allan Byrne. Shout out to @metalsurfboards for passing this along!

I’ll always have love for Aipa / Surfing’s New Image stings, especially when they’ve got airbrushes like this one. Check out that killer resin pinline, too. The board has a somewhat unusual outline and it was shaped by Mike Slingerland. Pics courtesy of Zachary.

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