1968 Bing Surfboards Brochure

Greetings, Shredderz! A 1968 Bing Surfboards marketing brochure was recently sold on eBay, and it contains some incredible information about the label and the models it offered during this time. Most of this isn’t news, per se, but I thought it’d be cool to share the images online for all of us who weren’t able to pony up $145 for a physical copy.

The single most interesting part about the brochure is the revelation that Bing actually produced two variants of Dick Brewer’s famous Pipeliner model: the standard Pipeliner, and the Pipeliner East. I had personally never heard of this, and all I can find on the Pipeliner East is this old Swaylocks thread, which redirects to an old auction listing that has since been removed. I’ve read both descriptions and I’m still not sure what the exact difference is between the two variants. It does appear that the Pipeliner East has its own laminate, with the word “East” added to the bottom right corner.

I believe this was run as a print ad, and how sick is that shot of Brewer in action!

There’s a decent amount of space in the brochure dedicated to David Nuuhiwa and his two models for Bing: the Nuuhiwa Noserider and the Nuuhiwa Lightweight. You can see a reference to the famous floral pattern that was available for the Lightweight Model in the brochure.

Last but not least, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the page featuring Bing Copeland himself. How rad is that action shot at the top of the page!

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