2010 Liddle Smoothie

Greetings, Shredderz! There’s a rad 6’10” Liddle Smoothie model that’s currently up for trade on Craigslist in Honolulu. You can find a link to the listing here.

First, a small confession: I’m not a full blown hull fanatic. I’m hull curious, I guess you could say: I dig Andreini’s Vaquero and Serena models, and I have a John Holly egg with some belly in the entry. I have yet to ride a Liddle, but I definitely admire the devotion his boards inspire. For example, I really loved sharing the story behind the development of Bryce’s Super Twang template, which was made for displacement hulls. The backstory behind the fin involves a tight knit community of Liddle enthusiasts quietly sharing templates and placement intel like an underground resistance in occupied territory.

Liddle carefully numbered each of his boards, and it’s always cool to be able to trace back details from his signature. I can’t decipher everything, but I’m pretty sure it was shaped in 2010, towards the end of Liddle’s career.

Finally, I’m not sure what fins is in the board, but I dig the color.

You can check out the Craigslist post here.

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