Beveled Rails, Takayama Rarities + More

Greetings, Shredderz! It’s another installment of the Weekend Grab Bag. There are some rad boards currently listed for sale online this holiday weekend. Keep reading for the full rundown.

Ben Aipa Sting for Surf Line Hawaii (eBay)

I always dig seeing examples of Aipa’s forays into experimental surf design, whether it’s the exaggerated concave on his twin fins, his rather severe-looking “Da Fang” model, or the beveled rails on the sting you see above. I recently had a conversation with Phil Edwards (more on that later), during which we discussed his time designing sailboats at Hobie. Edwards mentioned how Ben Aipa visited him and seemed fascinated by all the equipment on offer, and this open-mindedness and curiosity certainly comes across in Aipa’s various designs.

Ryan Burch Squit Fish (Craigslist San Diego)

No, it’s not cheap, but please don’t shoot the messenger. Seller is asking $2,350. Burch seems like one of the handful of younger shapers who can charge premium prices for his shapes, and the beautiful Superwolf glass jobs certainly don’t hurt.

9’0″ Donald Takayama LJ Richards Model (Link)

Very curious about this Donald Takayama LJ Richards Model. Richards is an old school San Diego surfer who was an early contemporary of Phil Edwards. The CA Surf Museum has more on Richards’ career here. I’ve only seen one other LJ Richards Model sold online, but the handwritten inscription on this one is intriguing. Can’t say for sure if it’s Donald’s handwriting but upon first glance it definitely looks similar. It’s also only $600! The more I write about this board the more I think about just buying it myself.

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