Burch, Baguettes + More: Assorted Edits

Greetings, Shredderz! Here are some more edits to tide you over until the release of “For Pleasure Only”, a new original film by Kyle Buthman and featuring Darshan Gooch and Doug Haut. “For Pleasure Only” debuts here on Shred Sledz on October 3, just a few days from now, so stay tuned.

Now that I’m done with the shameless promo, here are a few other videos to keep you busy until Tuesday’s big release.

Jack Coleman’s latest edit features Ryan Burch, Derrick Disney and Kobe Hughes shredding on a variety of non-high performance thrusters. I don’t think I even need to sell you on this one.

The WSL has no shortage of critics these days, and I’ll avoid piling on as best I can, but it’s hard to watch this web series and the footage coming out of the Quiksilver Festival in Hossegor, and square that with the fact France is no longer a stop on tour. (And yes, I think it’s madness the championship is no longer decided at Pipeline.) But anyway — if you like seeing heaving beachbreak barrels and get a kick out of a baguette being used as a microphone, check out the edit above.

Is Surfer Magazine back? Someone out there is producing new content under the venerable label, and I for one welcome the return of the Bible of the sport. Here’s a look at Leah Dawson’s eclectic quiver, including a 70s style Takayama he shaped for her shortly before his passing.

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