Nuuhiwa Mini Noserider, Becker UFO + More

Greetings, Shredderz! Welcome to another installment of the Weekend Grab Bag. I wrote up a couple of cool boards that are currently for sale online, and linked to the listings just in case you’ve got an itchy trigger finger and a couple of bucks in the bank.

7’10” Takayama Nuuhiwa Mini Noserider (Virginia Beach)

I’m always fascinated by Donald Takayama’s Nuuhiwa mini noseriders. I wrote up what I believe is this exact board years ago — you can find the original post here. I’m pretty sure the board measures 7’10”, but an earlier Craigslist entry (which was the basis for the post I linked in the previous sentence), listed more normal dims. Joel Tudor is a big fan of the Takayama Nuuhiwa mini noseriders, per the Instagram post below.

10’0″ Becker UFO Model (Craigslist Santa Cruz)

The Rick Surfboards UFO Model is one of the classic longboard models of the 60s. I found this excellent post on Displacementia about the development of the UFO Model. Phil Becker shaped at Rick for many years, but according to the article he wasn’t involved in the UFO’s development. This UFO was shaped by Becker under his eponymous label. I definitely don’t need more boards, but I’m still tempted by this one, although the $900 price tag is slightly high, in my humble opinion.

6’3″ Jon Wegener Go Kart Twin Fin (Craigslist NY)

I’ve recently had the pleasure of riding a Wegener longboard as my daily driver, so I figured I’d feature another one of his boards here. This is a 6’3″ Go Kart twin fin model, and damn, it just looks like it’d be an absolute blast. Love the color, too.

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