Herbie, Takayama + Choice

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Grab Bag! Here are three rad boards, all of which are for sale as of publishing time, that you might enjoy checking out.

5’8″ Choice Surfboards Twin Fin Fish (Craigslist Santa Barbara)

Generally speaking, form over function isn’t a great idea, but if you told me you bought this board just for the airbrush I wouldn’t blame you. Someone told me it’s likely this particular board wasn’t actually shaped by Rich Pavel. Not sure how you determine that — for starters, there’s no Pavel wings signature — but he’s a knowledgeable dude, so I figured

8’0″ Herbie Fletcher ‘Killer’ Model (Craigslist San Diego)

Herbie Fletcher’s creativity is never in short supply, and I’d love to add one of his shapes to the quiver sometime soon. I’m not quite sure how to approach riding the board, as I’m having trouble reconciling the length with the squared off nose (which has to be for nose riding, no?) and the 2+1 fin setup. Either way the board is still cool as hell.

9’9″ Original Hobie Phil Edwards Model (Craigslist LA)

Let’s start with the positives: it’s an original Hobie Phil Edwards Model, numbered 929, and mostly original (a partial restoration was done years ago). Now, the not so positive: The seller also says “you can bitch about the price all you want, but it just means you can’t afford it.” Considering the price — an insulting $4K — and the not exactly showroom condition, this listing is an immediate contender for the infamous Jamboards thread “Dudes Smoking Crack and Selling Surfboards.” I don’t care how much Bitcoin you bought in 2014, please do not pay this dude that much money for this admittedly lovely surfboard, and content yourself with looking at the pics instead.

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