The Star of “For Pleasure Only”: 1967 Haut Bump Model

If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out “For Pleasure Only“, the second original Shred Sledz film, you can watch it in full here. I’m biased, of course, but I’m thrilled with the film, and my hope is “For Pleasure Only” serves as a tribute to Doug Haut’s legendary shaping career.

“For Pleasure Only” features Darshan Gooch and Doug Haut and it was directed by Kyle Buthman. The other star of the show is a beautiful vintage Haut Bump model. If you want to nerd out about the board itself, keep scrolling for some more pics and information.

The board was shaped on December 4, 1967. Doug has kept detailed records dating back sixty years, and this particular one was made for a gentleman with the name “C. Smith”. If you have any information whatsoever around who might have first purchased this board, definitely drop me a line — I’d love to connect this back to the original owner.

A gentleman by the name of Nick Haloulos owns the Bump model featured in the film. He was kind enough to lend out the board for the filming of the movie. Nick doesn’t just collect boards, he rides them! Make sure you check out Nick on Instagram, where he documents some beautiful sticks, all with an eye towards performance. He took all the photos you see in this post as well.

The Bump model has a step deck. In “For Pleasure Only”, Doug gave some background on the theory behind the design. He introduced the step deck in the Bump Model to reduce weight in the nose to enable surfers to more easily swing the board when fading takeoffs.

This particular Bump Model measures in at 9’11” and it is all original, including the fin you see here. Per Doug, during this time he and other shapers were beginning to experiment with reducing the overall surface area for fins, as compared to earlier D fin designs.

This falls in the mostly cosmetic category, but I absolutely love the high density foam stringer. And you simply cannot go wrong with that Haut laminate, either — that shit is just classy.

Thanks again to Nick for lending out this special board, and for the excellent photography. Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram.

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