Design Experiment Vol. 10 feat. Shyama Buttonshaw

Shyama Buttonshaw is quickly rising up the ranks of surfers to watch.

“Design Experiment Vol. 10”, Buttonshaw’s latest film, blew me away. It doesn’t feature a single word of dialogue — just a haunting original score and the sounds of the ocean. The edit carries an intense, minimalistic vibe, and achieves a level of atmosphere that’s sorely missing from the vast majority of surf content today. Hugh Warner of Alt Tab Media House not only filmed and edited “Design Experiment”, he did the music as well — super impressive stuff.

Buttonshaw absolutely rips, and I dig his equipment choice, too. He draws long, beautiful lines with a 10’0″ glider and a 7’0″ mini glider, both of which he shaped.

“Design Experiment Vol 10” is the rare surf edit where the visuals, the sound and the surfing are not just top notch, but complement each other perfectly. It’s definitely one of the best short surfing films I’ve seen all year. Watch it in full below.

Last but not least, it’s absolutely criminal that the Shyama Buttonshaw Designs YouTube channel currently has only 39 subscribers, considering the quality of the content. Make sure you subscribe here.

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