November 2023 Social Media Roundup

Here is another dispatch, live and direct from the Instagram trenches.

It’s winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, and sometimes that means paddling out and wondering if the conditions are just a little past your pay grade. Tom Pearsall’s photo does a remarkable job of capturing that feeling of dread spiked with excitement (or is it the other way around?)

Ocean Beach came roaring to life last week, and local photographer Paul Ferraris was there to capture it. Ferraris is one of my favorite photographers, and you should definitely give him a follow if you don’t already. Featured image was also shot by Paul Ferraris, originally posted here.

What an amazing shot of Buttons. His face and his surfing are both so expressive, communicating something essential about surfing that words can’t quite capture. Photo by Jeff Hornbaker. It originally appeared in an early 80s issue of Surfer Magazine, and I scanned the shot myself.

Here’s unreal lineup of airbrushes from Peter St Pierre, co-founder of the legendary Moonlight Glassing, AKA Peter Pinline. Moonlight is also doing a giveaway for this insane board.

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