Summer’s Ova feat. Joel + Tosh Tudor

Joel Tudor and New York during hurricane season is quite the potent combo. “Summer’s Ova” is presented by Tudor’s THC Surfboards and features Joel and his son Tosh in beautiful conditions spanning the length of Long Island.

Tudor has spent a lot of time in New York over the years. I’m biased, as I grew up on Long Island, but it’s cool to see New York get some love from one of the greatest surfers in history. As always, Tudor’s equipment choices buck convention, and primarily for functionality: all that extra foam means graceful early entries, and there aren’t any wasted movements throughout the entire ten minute run time.

The edit was filmed by Ryan Cannon of Log Rap (as well as Summer Rental Studio), so you know the soundtrack is sick. I loved the Mary J Blige to kick things off.

Check out “Summer’s Ova” in full below.

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