A Trio of Longboard Edits

I know, I know — it seems like all I’ve posted recently are Shyama Buttonshaw edits. But you won’t catch me apologizing for it. I love seeing Buttonshaw tackle big, unruly Bells Beach on some smaller gliders, and pull off some demented cheater fives in the process.

Here’s Aussie surfer Matt Chojnacki AKA The Waxhead with a stateside appearance. He’s riding a board shaped by Bob McTavish, who made a California pilgrimage of his own many decades ago, which helped launch the shortboard revolution. It’s always cool to see surfing history continue to evolve.

I could watch Devon Howard surf all day long. I’m torn on whether I prefer his surfing on eggs and midlengths to his noseriding. I think if you held a gun to my head I’d choose the former. Either way you can’t go wrong. Here he is on a 9’8″ CI Log.

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