Margo, Bernardo + OB: “To Push Away the End”

This is the very last video I’ll post in 2023, and it’s pretty fitting, given how extensively I’ve covered Album Surf’s edits lately. Can you blame me, though? This time around we have Aussie lead foot Brenden Margieson and Victor Bernardo traveling along the California coast, with a good chunk taking place at San Francisco’s infamous Ocean Beach. It’s an unexpected pairing, like modern surf media’s take on a buddy cop film, but I love the contrast between the two. Margieson, the reserved Australian, is decades into his career, and hasn’t lost an ounce of his signature power. Bernardo, the Brazilian whose positive energy practically leaps off the screen, surfs with a springy, elastic bounce in his turns. The two surfers are quite different but there’s a common thread of style connecting them, not to mention Matt Parker’s boards. “To Push Away the End” is directed by Jon Arman and you can watch it in full below.

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