San Diego Shaping Royalty, Dick Brewer + More: Shredder Submissions

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: one of the coolest parts of Shred Sledz is getting to speak to other people who share a fascination with surfing and surfboards. Shout out to everyone who has reached out to share photos and stories. I know I’m not always super responsive, but it is always appreciated! Here are some rad sticks that deserve a wider audience than my inbox.

Nick Haisch has put together a very cool and well rounded quiver. Starting with the top photo, going left to right (all the boards are 5’10”): Rich Pavel quad with Lok Box fins; Skip Frye twin fin fish; Gary Hanel; and a Michael Miller fish.

Bottom photo, bottom row: MR twin fin (other four boards are in the top pic)

Bottom photo, top row, starting from the bottom: 10′ yellow Wayne Rich Harmonic; 9’7″ purple Wayne Rich Wild Card I; 9’6″ Velzy Pig shaped in the late 80s / early 90s; Campbell Brothers Bonzer; unknown (could be another Gary Hanel but I’m not sure).

Here’s a gorgeous 70s Dick Brewer sting, courtesy of Grant Cameron. The resin tint + airbrush + pin line combo on this thing is just unreal. It’s a shame you don’t see this much additional detail go into modern boards, but I suppose change is the only constant.

Thanks to Cody Adler for sharing photos of this beautiful Ryan Burch twin fin fish, with abstract resin art by Superwolf and the crew at Lamination San Diego. For another gorgeous Burch twin fin fish, check out this earlier post here.

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