John John on Big Waves

John Florence’s edits are a fixture here on Shred Sledz, not just because of his surfing — which is predictably mind blowing — but because of the artistry. For example, check out “ALEGRIA”, which documented a trip to Brazil, and seemed to capture something essential about the spirit of the country in a way that very few surf edits do.

Florence’s latest is a departure in the sense that it’s much more straightforward, but the result is the same. Instead of dreamy visuals and an imaginative soundtrack, we’re treated to John John explaining his approach to big wave surfing and the equipment that he’s helped design along the way. It’s always amazing to step back and consider the growth Florence has displayed throughout his long career, from child prodigy to two time world champ, and now a filmmaker who is branching out into big wave surfing, and designing functional equipment along the way. Whatever comes next, I’ll be watching.

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