Palm Springs to Sunset Beach: Social Media Roundup

Love the content; hate the algorithm. If you’re sick of doomscrolling but still want to keep abreast of the latest happenings in surfing, see below for a quick selection of stoke-inducing posts. We’ve got Mason Ho at a new, landlocked wave pool; a 45 year old Diffenderfer stick at Sunset Beach; and a bunch of stuff in between. Keep scrolling for more.

I recently posted a clip of Joel Tudor surfing at Kelly’s wave pool, and as might be expected, the comment section gets a little chaotic. What really pushed me over the edge was someone claiming that they’d turn down a trip to the wave pool, even if it were free. That’s just fucking insane.

Me? If you have a wave pool and are hellbent on witnessing some subpar surfing, and I don’t have to pay, hit me up ASAP. In the meantime, here’s professional fun-haver Mason Ho, testing out the new Palm Springs Surf Club’s man made wares.

I’m not sure if it’s because I was raised on the East Coast, but I’ve always been drawn to Europe’s surf scene. Simon Fitz, a German born photographer currently based out of Portugal, takes some beautiful photos of the country’s coastline. I really loved the mini-gallery above; scroll through for some stunning black & white shots.

Just an obscene quiver shot…and to think, this is just his collection of Ryan Burch fishes!

Nacho Pignataro with a stylish and functional stall.

What’s cooler than historically significant surfboards? Seeing them put to good use. Here’s Matt Chojnacki AKA the Waxhead, riding Jesse’s Mike Diffenderfer gun a sizable Sunset.

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