Randy Rarick on “Home is Here”

Legends aren’t always the nicest people. We’ve all heard the stories: Michael Jordan punching a teammate in the face, Steve Jobs’ withering put downs of subordinates and business partners…the list is endless. I’m happy to say that Randy Rarick is the rare exception to that rule.

Rarick was recently profiled by “Home is Here”, a series by PBS Hawai’i, and it’s worth the watch. To say that Rarick has had an interesting career in surfing is burying the lede: Rarick has led a fascinating life, enriched by surfing, and even more importantly, he’s made an effort to try and pay it forward, too. From co-founding the IPS (the predecessor to the what’s now known as the WSL), to surfing in 70 countries, to becoming the world’s pre-eminent expert in surfboard restorations, Rarick has done it all.

A few years ago I went to Hawaii, and Rarick was kind enough to invite me to his shaping room and talk story. You can read the post here. He has continued to be incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. It’s great to see a well made profile of a person who’s had a such a positive impact on the sport. Watch in full below:

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