Jaw Dropping Skip Frye Gypsy

Skip Frye Gypsy

The last time Anthony Do-Hoon Kim sent me photos of one of his Skip Frye boards, it was the Kobe Special, an 11’2″ Eagle (Big Board, not Glider, per Frye’s preferred nomenclature) in Lakers colors. Turns out Anthony has multiple insane Lakers-themed Skips in his quiver, and I’m here for it.

Featured here is a 10’7″ Gypsy model that Skip shaped for Anthony, once again in the Lakers’ patented purple and gold.

Per “The Caretaker of Intangible Ingredients”, the essential Surfer’s Journal piece on Skip Frye and his various models, the Gypsy was a Gordon & Smith design dating back to 1976. It’s unclear if Skip developed the Gypsy himself while shaping at G&S, but I get the impression the original design was a Gordon & Smith shape, as opposed to something that Skip invented all on his own.

The Surfer’s Journal piece then goes on to say how in 2013, one of Skip’s customers asked for a “full-bodied mid length with a wide tail.” Skip based the board off an older Gypsy template he had stashed away, and shortly afterwards ended up shaping a Gypsy for himself.

Anthony’s Gypsy model is a single fin. The other Gypsy examples I’ve seen are all 2+1 or thruster setups, but I’ve only seen photos of a handful of them. Anthony’s example is 10’7″, and I’ve also seen these boards ordered as short as 8’8″ (see here for another Gypsy I wrote up — the concave in the tail looks way more dramatic on the 8’8″), though again, we’re dealing with a small sample size here.

Many thanks to Anthony Do-Hoon Kim for sharing these wonderful shots of his Skip Frye Gypsy. Give Anthony a follow on Instagram here.

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