Two Greg Noll Longboards

You don’t end up with a nickname like “Da Bull” without doing some legendary shit. And Greg Noll, AKA “Da Bull” was a larger than life character in many regards, beginning of course, with his big wave exploits, and the subject of one of the most iconic shots in surf history. I’ve also heard that he was an incredible storyteller, lively and profane and endlessly entertaining, although I’m sad to say I didn’t get to witness this for myself before his passing. Another aspect of Noll’s legacy are his surfboards, which are some of the most classic sticks to come out of the 60s.

Two cool Greg Noll longboards were recently posted for sale, both of which appeared to be in original condition. I’ve said a trillion times before, and while I appreciate fully restored surfboards, I always prefer seeing examples that haven’t been retouched, like the ones featured here.

I’m not sure how to describe the first board, other than to say it has an unusual fin with a laminate of the Greg Noll Film Productions logo. This logo isn’t super common, from what little I’ve seen of Noll boards from a similar era; and this is the only example of a board I’ve seen with the logo on the fin. No dimensions were listed on the original listing.

The second Greg Noll board that was recently listed for sale is what I call the “atomic logo”. As a brief aside, I really don’t know much about vintage Greg Noll longboards. The only thing I can offer with any certainty is that I think they’re cool. I’m not sure if “atomic logo” is widely used terminology, but that’s how I think of these boards. Information about Noll’s boards is pretty scant online, so if you have more, please comment below or shoot me an email. I’d always love to know more.

According to the seller, the Atomic Logo board clocks in at 9’6″. No other dimensions were given. I don’t know if the baby blue color is original, and the board looks pretty clean otherwise.

And there you have it: two cool Greg Noll longboards, just like the title suggests.

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