Bob Hurley for International Pro Designs

Surfing has always respected credibility — demanded it, even. It can be taken too far — surfing seems triggered by amateurs in a way that few other pursuits are — but overall, the people who work in the surf industry tend to be very good surfers. It’s honestly a bit intimidating, given that I write this blog and no one in their right mind would ever pay me to surf. But for the most part, the people who are trying to sell you stuff related to surfing have a solid track record of proving themselves in the water first.

Case in point: before Bob Hurley founded the eponymous clothing line that helped define surf culture in the early 2000s, he was a surfboard shaper. Hurley made boards under the International Pro Designs label, which I believe he has been working on today, after Nike divested the Hurley brand. Here’s a killer example of an 80s Bob Hurley IPD board that was sent to me by a gentleman named Scott. Thank you Scott for sharing the photos you see here; and check Scott out on Instagram.

I’m not sure the dimensions on this board, but you can see it’s got the subtle bumps towards the tail, which you saw on a lot of 80s thrusters. The board was glassed at West Coast Glassing.

Check out the channel bottom on this thing, along with the glass on fins. It’s in remarkable shape considering it’s in the neighborhood of 40 years old.

I’m curious to see what Hurley has in store next. I’ve always heard him referred to as one of the good guys of the surf industry, and his impact on the culture — he was the US licensee for Billabong, and oversaw its huge growth during the 80s and 90s — cannot be overstated. What makes Hurley’s success even cooler is that his roots lie firmly in the unglamorous and core world of building boards. You can’t help but respect that.

Thanks again to Scott for sharing the pictures of this beautiful Bob Hurley shaped International Pro Designs channel bottom thruster.

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  1. Scott McGuiness says:

    The Bob Hurley IPD is 5’10” in length and very refined considering it’s age.