Lopez in Bali, Harrison Roach + More

I wrote the first Social Media Roundup entry almost seven years ago. I tend to cringe when confronted with a lot of my old work, but I thought that one held up pretty well (then again, it’s just a collection of embedded Instagram posts). All this time later, not a ton has changed. Hopefully these Social Media Roundup posts can help surface the quality stuff without having to open Instagram’s app, which nowadays feels a little like walking into a casino with cash hanging out of your pockets.

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I feel like a heroin addict any time a new Harrison Roach clip drops. Sadly, they’re too few and far between. Thomas Surfboards recently blessed us with a nice little two-fer. A little something for everyone.

Gerry Lopez, Uluwatu, 1970s. Classic.

Thomas Lodin is one of my favorite surf photographers working today. Someone in the comments said “Ron Stoner light”, and not only is that a line I wish I had come up with, I think it’s one of the highest compliments you can pay.

Harry Bryant recently released “Motel Hell”, a new full-length film, and if it’s anything like the photo above, I am in.

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