A Must Watch

This is exactly what I want when I’m looking for a surf edit. It’s a minute long, it’s got a great soundtrack, and the surfing is not only thrilling, it’s unique. Best of all, there’s no fake VHS effect. Here’s Justin Quintal in the Outer Banks, doing some absolutely mind boggling things with an entire longboard rail, filmed and edited by Raph Ambar. I really loved this edit. For all my complaints about the internet and how it’s changed surf media, “Quinny in OBX” illustrates the benefits of our connected world, and why we put up with its indignities: scorching content that I didn’t even know existed until the YouTube algorithm placed it right in my lap, all for free. Pretty good deal when you think about it. Watch “Quinny in OBX” in full below.

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  1. stephen yates says:

    For a surfer of such ability and obvious knowledge of the waves he’s surfing why did he choose a board with such a long rail line? note, I didn’t say Mal! With his energy and nuance he could fit into those waves way better on a smaller board without the tail slide and quirky pivot points.
    Just say’in.