Out & About with Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch is one of the most compelling surfer / shapers in the world. He’s surely one of the most versatile, capable of looking equally at ease perched on the nose in mediocre Southern California surf, or charging the hollow barrels of Cloudbreak. His boards look insane, too. And in the utter madness of today’s surf media landscape, where shamelessness can seem like a prerequisite for success, you gotta give Burch credit for keeping a low profile when he’s not dropping legendary video parts.

Four Wheel Campers is probably the last place I expected to see a new Ryan Burch travel / surf / shaping edit, but I’m definitely not complaining. There’s a nice companion piece on Surfline featuring some photos of Burch’s expedition to British Columbia, where he finds some decent waves and shapes a modified Squit Fish for the local conditions, complete with hand made fins crafted from local red cedar. “Out & About” has quality surfing, some stuff for the board nerds, and of course, some beautiful travel visuals courtesy of Vancouver Island’s stunning coastline. Check it out in full below.

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