9’2″ Skip Frye Braden

A friend of mine was an anthropology major in college. Like most people I know, his current line of work has absolutely nothing to do with what he studied in school. However, he does get some good use out of his degree, and that’s any time he’s asked to weigh in on a subject that he doesn’t give a shit about, he suddenly goes “oh, as an anthropologist, we never offer opinions — we just observe.”

I have no idea whether this is actually true, or just another part of his act to avoid answering questions he finds uninteresting. Either way, I’m taking a cue from his approach as it relates to my blog posts about Skip Frye surfboards. I am simply going to observe, and try my best to avoid the endless arguments about the pricing around Skip’s boards.

Yes, I do realize the irony that I write a blog about surfboards, and often feature Skip’s shapes. In other words, I’m likely part of the problem. But I am offering photos of this 9’2″ Skip Frye Braden model without any further commentary, other than it looks like a cool board. If you’re so inclined, you can find a link to the original post here, as the board is still for sale as of publishing time.

I do love putting multiple small laminates all over the board. Not going as far as to say it’s for everyone, but I dig it. You also don’t see a ton of Skip Frye Braden models for sale — just looked at the archives and I’ve only written up one before, and that was in passing.

You can check out the Skip Frye Braden model for sale on Craigslist here.

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