Zack Flores for Zack Flores Surfboards

Zack Flores’ Instagram captions simultaneously crack me up and make me feel very, very old. His self-dubbed titles are a delightful combination of ridiculous and grandiose: he is Sir Buff, the director and founder of the Buff Tour de SoCal; the dude of thickness; the master of gooch; and at any given moment, he could be doused in shred sauce. In fact, it seems that the only thing Flores takes seriously is his surfing.

I really dig this latest edit, which is up on Flores’ YouTube channel. There’s the top notch surfing, as you’d expect, and Flores also drops some insight about his 9’3″ Zelzy Model. He’s offering a limited time 15% discount for custom orders, so stay tuned until the end of the video for details on that one.

Photo at the top of the post by Titus Anthony on Instagram.

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