Bob McTavish Twin Fin + More

Here’s your periodic reminder that Facebook, which often has the feel of a shopping mall that’s clearly a long way off its red hot peak, can still serve up the goods from time to time. The Vintage Surfboard Collectors group remains one of the best resources for pictures and history of beautiful vintage surfboards anywhere on the internet. Here are a few recent standouts that I really liked.

This Bob McTavish shaped twin fin for Sky Surfboards was actually posted in the Vintage Surfboard Valuations group, which is also excellent. Whenever people get in touch asking for help pricing boards, I always point them in the direction of the group. It’s not perfect, but I think crowdsourcing valuation opinions is a pretty useful tactic overall.

Loved this McGrigor single fin shaped by Malcolm McNeill. The outline is too good and the airbrush, of course, is unreal. Vintage Surfboard Collectors tends to skew a bit Aussie, and as someone born and raised in the States, I really dig this deeper look at Australia’s deep surfing roots.

Last but not least, Facebook seems to be the social media site of choice for legendary Aussie photographer Dick Hoole. He is an absolute must follow: here is his profile. Hoole’s photos are beautiful and he’s documented too many notable things to count. Pictured above is Larry Blair at Uluwatu.

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