Herbie Fletcher, Phil Becker Hull + More: Shredder Submissions

One of my favorite features on the site is what I call Shredder Submissions, where — you guessed it — people send in pics of rad boards and I post them. I’d probably run more of these, but I’m not always great at organizing the various pics I get sent. (And apologies to the large and growing number of people whose boards I haven’t gotten around to running yet.) Anyway, we’ve got a pretty good stash in this entry, including an unusual Phil Becker displacement hull, and a few other goodies.

Tristan Mausse, the man behind Fantastic Acid, recently posted a picture of himself riding a Rick Surfboards displacement hull shaped by Phil Becker. I was pretty surprised to read the description, given that I’d never seen any pics of any Becker hulls. Lo and behold, @antdibsk8 was kind enough to write in with a picture of a Rick displacement hull shaped by Becker. This thing looks super clean, and hopefully I’ll get some more photos to share with you.

Shout out to @topo_chino for sharing this beautiful 9’6″ Herbie Fletcher single fin longboard. This one isn’t as exotic as some of Herbie’s other shapes, but it looks like it’d be a blast to surf, and it’s in phenomenal shape, too.

Last but not least, thanks to Ben for sending over this stunning 8’8″ Skip Frye Gypsy model. Absolutely love the resin tint on this one — some good food for thought for whenever I get around to ordering my next custom board.

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