Diff’s Masterpiece + More: CA Gold Rundown

By now you probably know the deal with Scott Bass’ California Gold surf auction. If you don’t, it’s the leading auction for vintage and collectible surfboards, and it always puts together a selection of sick sleds. See below for my personal favorite boards from the auction. I also recommend checking out all of the available lots here.

Mike Diffenderfer’s “Best Board Ever”

If it’s a Mike Diffenderfer board, you automatically have my interest. Even more so if it’s one of his signature chambered balsa designs. According to the listing, the Diff proclaimed this shape his “best board ever” when handing it over to the original owner. I’m not sure how exactly you would prove this, so I tend to take these stories with a tiny grain of salt, but it’s still an unreal piece from the person widely regarded as the pre-eminent builder of balsa surfboards. The heart-shaped cutout stash box is very cool, too. There are some hints as to who might have owned this board — the listing claims the owner’s last name is “Love”, but I’m not getting the reference — and suggestions it was probably used to smuggle drugs back in the day. Probably my favorite board in the whole auction, and I’ll be very curious to see where the price lands. Estimate is $7K – $9K.

80s Stussy Twin Fin

This Stussy twin is in insane condition. It’s a tad more subdued compared to other 80s Stussy boards, but I really dig it. The logos on the fins alone are worth the price of admission. The listing claims this board was shaped in 1980, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it had been shaped a few years later. It’s hand signed by Stussy himself. I think this is as cool as 80s boards get. Estimate is $3,500 to $4,000.

1970 Mike Hynson Rainbow Surfboards Single Fin

I’m flattered that you, dear reader, have taken the time to make it this far in the post. But instead of reading what I have to say about this board, you should probably just light a joint and go through the closeup pics of John Bredin’s insane psychedelic airbrush on this Hynson downrailer. The board is all original, too. Estimated price is $8K – $12K.

1968 Morey-Pope Green Machine

Speaking of all original shapes with insane visuals, I can’t help but dig this 1986 Morey-Pope Green Machine. I believe the Green Machine is some kind of variant of the better-known Blue Machine, but sadly I don’t have more info beyond that. There is speculation in the listing that the board was shaped by a Morey-Pope production shaper named Richard Deese.

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