Innocnts Log Studies Vol. 1

Innocnts Log Studies Vol. 1 is one of those ideas that’s so good, that instantly makes so much sense, that it practically seems obvious. I’m assuming anyone reading this is familiar with Stab Magazine’s “Stab in the Dark” video series, which is best described as a blind taste test for surfboards. Here’s the setup: a group of shapers each make one board apiece, which are all unmarked. A single pro surfer rides all the boards, and after declaring a winning shape, the shaper and board pairings are revealed. Log Studies takes Stab’s proven formula and applies it to longboards. It’s simple and it’s genius, and I can’t wait to see the finished film when it’s ready.

Log Studies is still in its early stages, and the completed film will be released later in 2024. For now the basic elements are in place. Innocnts founder Sean Tully, who knows a thing or two about noseriding himself, has put together an amazing roster of shapers that covers a ton of ground. Stylish and versatile Dana Point native Ian “Gato Son” Gottron has been selected as the initial test pilot. True Ames is outfitting all the Log Studies boards with fins, and Wyatt Stark of Silent Rock TV will be filming the proceedings. I was incredibly flattered when Sean reached out and asked if I’d contribute to the coverage of the project. Log Studies is one of the cooler concepts I can recall in recent memory, which made it very easy to say yes. I’m not involved in the project’s creative direction, but I’m really stoked to be sharing updates about Log Studies here on Shred Sledz.

I think we’re long overdue for something in the vein of Log Studies. The discussion around surfboard design and performance tends to lean more towards shortboarding, as seen in things like Noel Salas’ excellent Surf N Show board review video series, and it’ll be really cool to have a project that does a deeper dive into the minutiae of logging. I’m really looking forward to what Innocnts, Gato Son and team uncover during this project. It’s an amazing idea, Gottron rips, there’s a killer lineup of shapers, and Silent Rock puts out quality edits. All the ingredients are there to make Log Studies a super memorable twist on a tried and true concept.

And if performance isn’t really your thing, at least the Log Studies boards look sick. I love the distinct opaque white resin tints. Technically speaking, there’s no proof that cool looking boards surf better, but I’m optimistic that science will get around to proving this someday soon.

Follow along at Innocnts for more updates on Log Studies, and I’ll also be posting more here and on the Shred Sledz Instagram account, too.

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