ONZA! feat. Mikey February

Mikey February is a must watch. There are a ton of surfers whose clips I’ll watch, and it kind of ends there. Whether it’s the impeccable music selection in his edits, modeling for Loro Piana, or his Juju Surf Club non-profit, February exhibits a level of taste that goes well beyond the average pro surfer vlog. Given everything he’s got going for him, Febs strikes me as one of the few surfers with the potential to have supernova mainstream success.

His latest edit, “ONZA!”, comes via his new Spearhead Unlimited platform. What that entails is still TBD. LeBron James is fond of saying “Keep the main thing the main thing”, and here February seemingly heeds that advice. For all the great stuff he’s got going outside of the water, February is still hands down one of the most entertaining people to watch surf. Check it out in full above.

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